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Individualized Care

Mergers in the banking sector are a daily occurrence. As banks grow ever larger, they move further and further away from their actual vocation: serving the customer. We at Meinl Bank still offer our clients what they want most of all even today: objective yet individualized advice. That offer is obviously appreciated, as the steady growth of our business shows.


We are always on the lookout for new, innovative products and investment strategies for our clients. The first company to detect and seize opportunities is the one who tends to benefit most from them. The international contacts of Meinl Bank and the experts at its international subsidiaries keep the Bank right in step with the worldwide convergence of financial markets.


People entrust us with something of tremendous value: their capital. We are fully aware of that fact and treat that capital with great care. Meinl Bank has a stable economic basis. It’s equity ratio amounts to 16%, twice as high as the legally-required capital backing.


The people working at Meinl Bank are experts in their given fields, from institutional and private asset management to fund development and management or corporate & investment banking. We make available to our clients our extensive in-house infrastructure covering all essential aspects of banking. Besides securities accounts and account management, we have an efficient trade department and our own investment company, Julius Meinl Investment Gesellschaft mbH.

Successful Investment

To meet the high standards of our clientele, we offer a broad range of possible investments. They include classic direct investment, our own fund-of-fund management and fund management, as well as the issuance of tailor-made bonds and financial structures, and the management of foreign funds. aufzug

State of the Art Technologies

Meinl Bank utilizes the very latest technologies. Special financial products pose special challenges. Our in-house experts develop the appropriate tools whatever the task, from the assessment of structured products to the optimization of portfolios. In other areas, we rely on software from external experts, such as the Standard & Poors Fund Database for the evaluation of funds or Profit Line of Österreichische Kontrollbank AG to measure performance or analyze earnings risk. In these cases, as with the fund accounting program of SparDat, the key is to know where to obtain essential information. And speaking of essential information, we naturally also have links to all the major information and trading systems, like Bloomberg, Reuters, Xetra, Webtrade, and Jiway. -

Meinl Bank has been conducting business successfully in the Eastern European markets.

Our personal contacts in Eastern Europe and the trust we have engendered there give us a solid foundation for transactions in this region. We have built up our service on that foundation to create added value for our domestic and foreign clients with our customized products.

  • Samira Softic – Member of the Management Board
  • Stephen Coleman – Member of the Management Board

Meinl Group, Oranjestad, Aruba

Finance company, syndicate business, securities trading, and trust services

Julius Meinl Investment GmbH., Vienna

Julius Meinl Investment Gesellschaft m.b.H. (JMIG) is the investment company for the Meinl Bank Group. JMIG is an investment company as defined in the Federal Act on Investment Funds (Bundesgesetz über Kapitalanlagefonds). JMIG was founded on 1. July 1987.

Meinl Success Finanz AG, Wien

Meinl Success Finanz AG is an Austrian investment company. Corresponding to the extent of the licence issued to it by the Austrian Financial Market Authority, it is a financial investment advisory and brokering company. In this function it acts as a link between Meinl Bank AG and the independent sales partners.

For further information please visit Meinl Success Finanz AG.

Meinl Capital Advisors AG, Vienna

Mergers & acquisitions – business in Central and Eastern European countries.

Meinl: A Business Success for More Than 154 Years


Julius Meinl I opened up the first coffee roasting shop and his first grocer’s shop in Vienna’s First District.


By this year, the name Julius Meinl stood for the largest grocery group in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. With 1200 business locations and 63 factories, this group retained its importance in the successor states to the monarchy. The company constantly broadened its business base.


Julius Meinl II established the SPAR- und KREDITVEREIN der FREUNDE & ANGESTELLTEN der JULIUS MEINL AG as a credit cooperative. This institution was obligated to promote this purpose of association in every way possible and was entitled in particular to accept, pay interest on and manage savings deposits at the branches of Julius Meinl.


Liquidation of the credit cooperative in the Third Reich.


Re-founding of SPAR- und KREDITVEREIN by Julius Meinl III and resumption of its business activities with a license to conduct savings deposit business in the branches of the Meinl Group.


Acquisition of BANKHAUS BRUNNER & Co. KG.




Julius Meinl V took over at the helm of MEINL BANK with a vision of transforming it into a private and investment bank based on the Anglo-Saxon model.


Establishment of Citation S.A., Zurich, as a finance management company. In this year, the Meinl Bank Group had subsidiaries and offices in seven countries and representative offices in seven additional countries.


MEINL BANK was converted into a corporation. The same year saw the founding of the investment company JULIUS MEINL INVESTMENT and the launch of the first investment funds: Capitol 1, Capitol 2, Julius Meinl Investment, and Wall Street Capital.


The Bank moved its headquarters in downtown Vienna from Kärntnerring 2 to Bauernmarkt 2 (Stephansplatz).


Steady expansion of institutional asset management and M & A business.


The Bank established yet another line of business: Debt Capital Market.

An “Institutional Center" was set up in Graz to provide support for the investment activities of our institutional clients.


MEINL BANK began the third millennium by launching on-line investing.


Meinl Success Finanz AG is founded as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meinl Bank and is an Austrian investment company. Corresponding to the extent of the licence issued to it by the Austrian Financial Market Authority, it is a financial investment advisory and brokering company. In this function it acts as a link between Meinl Bank AG and the independent sales partners.