Overview of services

Institutional Banking

We induce ourselves in niches - with the goal to offer top quality in this ranges.

Our special strengths are

  • the evaluation of simple and complex bonds/structures, as well as the issue and the trade with these products
  • the development of retailproducts for our clients
  • the individual asset allocation for institutional investors

Private Banking

Your financial affairs are in good hands with us, from retirement planning to the management of assets or private foundations.

Our experienced team looks forward to the privilege of serving you as a client of our Bank.

Funds Management

Julius Meinl Investment Ges.m.b.H. is the Meinl Bank’s own investment company and is a core element in our comprehensive approach to customer care.

We have established ourselves as a niche player on the market over the past several years. In many cases, our innovative products lead the way on the market.

Investment Banking

Corporate Finance, Equity Banking, Debt Capital Markets, Corporate Banking